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English-Hindi > infernally

infernally meaning in Hindi

infernally sentence in Hindi
1.She's got a way with an infernally catchy pop tune.

2.It is also unseasonably cold and infernally damp.

3.All the characters of the novel are infernally captivated by their desires and deterministic powers.

4.March through May is infernally hot.

5.Still on the ground, having one of those infernally frequent delays, was Flight 93 in Newark.

6.And Gilbert Osmond, her infernally smooth-surfaced husband, displays a creator's genius of another sort.

7.His legacy is infernally complicated, and his personal weaknesses have been a matter of national obsession for eight years.

8.Before the script reaches them, somebody remembers me  especially if it's one of those infernally nice characters ."

9.Race relations in this country have never been smooth, but I've been amazed at how infernally bad they are today.

10.That's the infernally dull conversationalist you get stuck with at a party and must evade by deftly passing on to someone else.

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extremely; "infernally clever"; "hellishly dangerous"
Synonyms: hellishly, hellishly,

extremely; "infernally clever"; "hellishly dangerous"
Synonyms: hellishly, hellishly,

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