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English-Hindi > ingrafted

ingrafted meaning in Hindi

ingrafted sentence in Hindi
1.Two further panels show Peace ( a winged figure resting on an olive tree with ingrafted roses and sheltering a wren, doves in the tree and broken swords below ) and Plenty ( a winged figure seated on a golden throne with arms outstretched over divers fruit and grain ).

2.7 . that nevertheless the true believers find no excuse in this teaching to pursue carelessly the lusts of the flesh, since it is impossible that those who by a true faith are ingrafted into Christ should not produce the fruits of thankfulness; but on the contrary the more they assure themselves and feel that God works in them both to will and to do according to this good pleasure, the more they persist in working their own salvation with fear and trembling, since they know that this is the only means by which it pleases God to keep them standing and to bring them to salvation.

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