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ingrain sentence in Hindi

"ingrain" meaning in Hindiingrain in a sentence
  • He attempted to ingrain within the listener a deep conviction of sin.
  • We have expended considerable resources to ingrain in our employees core values and ethics.
  • "That's their natural state until adults ingrain fear in them ."
  • It's only going to further ingrain itself into our culture and into our society.
  • You remind your players to ingrain every aching memory of the 74-65 loss in their brains.
  • "It's only going to further ingrain itself into our culture and into our society.
  • That's basically been where the money has been spent, to ingrain that thinking in people's heads.
  • "A primary goal of this program is to ingrain the idea of lifelong learning, " said Troupe.
  • But in any baseball community, the passing down of team loyalties through generations ingrains a collective appreciation of club history.
  • A silver service and a blue-and-gold ingrain carpet ( a form of inexpensive, flatwoven carpet installed.
  • This is one reason, Prager writes, that religion, sincerely practiced, leads to happiness _ it ingrains the habits of thankfulness.
  • In many communities, boys are encouraged to wear a " kippah " from a young age in order to ingrain the habit.
  • His job this spring has been to ingrain that attitude in his players-- even though he has had just three weeks to do it.
  • It ingrains the principles of Ataturk, a man described in the constitution as Turkey's " immortal leader and unrivaled hero ."
  • Radio and television broadcasts from festivities in New York helped to ingrain aspects of them in American studio on the program annually until his death in 2012.
  • It is also a sign that the pope wants to ingrain in North American Catholics a stronger sense of solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the South.
  • As Elemak's rage and hatred for Nafai grow, he ingrains such feelings into his family and the digger people, laying the foundation for war.
  • Stokoe's efforts helped to ingrain American Sign Language into deaf culture and attempts to help the deaf communicate with the hearing have often been viewed with contempt.
  • It consists of two layers of paper with wood fibre in between; different kinds of ingrain wallpaper are distinguished by the size and form of the fibre pieces.
  • Lehman had to take a few weeks off because his swing was getting worse, and he feared, " I may really ingrain something bad " in it.
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