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English-Hindi > instigator

instigator meaning in Hindi

instigator sentence in Hindi
1.I respect and learn from all these writers, but disagree about the video. Yes, individuals, organizations, and governments goaded the mobs - indeed, there always needs to be some instigator who mobilizes Muslims against an offending statement, text, drawing, or video. But it would be a mistake to see the mob as but a tool of clashing interests (such as Salafis vs. Muslim Brothers in Egypt) or American political imperatives. Rage directed at the video was heartfelt, real, and persistent.
जर्मनी के प्राच्यवादी एनेमारी स्चीमेल ने संकेत किया था( 1985 के अपने अध्ययन में) कि मुहम्मद के व्यक्तित्व ने मुसलमानों के मध्य संत जैसी विशेषता ग्रहण कर ली है और उनकी आलोचना नहीं होनी चाहिये और चिढाया भी कम जाना चाहिये। उनका व्यक्तित्व कुरान से अलग है “ मुस्लिम जीवन का केंद्र है”।

a person who initiates a course of action
Synonyms: initiator,

someone who deliberately foments trouble; "she was the instigator of their quarrel"
Synonyms: provoker, inciter, instigant, firebrand,

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