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English-Hindi > institutionalisation

institutionalisation meaning in Hindi

institutionalisation sentence in Hindi
1.The successful performance of the Little Entente resulted in its institutionalisation.

2.Cruden's frequent institutionalisation is a matter of academic debate.

3.The 1980s also witness the institutionalisation of sculpture parks as curated programs.

4.A recent issue concerning education in Greece is the institutionalisation of private universities.

5.He favoured early discharge from hospital into a community environment to avoid institutionalisation.

6.The inevitable consequence of the successful performance of the Little Entente was its institutionalisation.

7.Another modern proponent of the institutionalisation of Confucianism in a state church is Jiang Qing.

8.The only solution available involved the institutionalisation of such children by way of boarding schools.

9.The Queen Mother claimed that the news of their institutionalisation came as a surprise to her.

10.The MGK is widely perceived as the institutionalisation of the Turkish military s influence over politics.

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