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institutionalize sentence in Hindi

"institutionalize" meaning in Hindi
  • That, he exclaimed, is an example of institutionalized ignorance!
  • Our primary goal is to keep people from being prematurely institutionalized,
  • With the Supreme Court's blessing, it institutionalized segregation.
  • For the first time in history collective security would be institutionalized.
  • He had been unrelenting in his drive to institutionalize that peace.
  • She has been institutionalized most of her life, Cassini says.
  • That's a quick way of becoming institutionalized ."
  • DOMA would return us to those hateful days of institutionalized racism.
  • Until now there has been no overall plan to institutionalize change,
  • Cultishness and impromptu, frequently cruel rites develop and are institutionalized.
  • Later, the boy had a mental breakdown and was institutionalized.
  • These assumptions have become institutionalized, and the disparity is unarguable.
  • It's a big job because the vampires are institutionalized.
  • If laws are neither institutionalized nor implemented, they are useless.
  • At that time, most of the mentally retarded were institutionalized.
  • I believe the Martha Graham Company needs to become more institutionalized.
  • The next step would be to institutionalize these ad hoc teams,
  • The culture of hate has been so institutionalized in our system.
  • Q : How can you institutionalize the mindset for continuous change?
  • The Zags basketball program has institutionalized this penchant for graceful labor.
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