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English-Hindi > integrated

integrated meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'intigreitid ]  sound:  
integrated sentence in Hindi
• अविभाज्य
• एकीकृत
• पूरा
• संकलित
• संपूर्ण
• समाकलित
• समेकित
• सर्वतोमुखी
• अनिवार्य
1.Policies related to integrated HTTP authentication.
एकीकृत HTTP प्रमाणीकरण से संबंधित नीतियां.

2.Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
एकीकृत डिजिटल संवर्धित नेटवर्क

3.FN: Really make a fully integrated product, something beautiful.
FN: वास्तव में एक पूरी तरह से एकीकृत उत्पाद बनाने का, सुंदर कुछ बनाने का.

4.Integrated Child Development Services (India)
समन्वित बाल विकास योजना

5.Exceptions - Integrated websites
अपवाद-एकीकृत वेबसाइटें

6.The Judiciary also is one integrated whole and not divided between the Union and the States .
न्यायपालिका भी एकीकृत है और संघ तथा राज़्यों में विभाजित नहीं है .

7.Integrated Development Environment
एकीकृत विकास वातावरण

8.Integrated development environment
एकीकृत विकास परिवेश

9.This kirit-urn farsi and Hindu architecture of the integrated combination of components
यह किरीट-कलश फारसी एवं हिंन्दू वास्तु कला के घटकों का एकीकृत संयोजन है।

10.Comparison of integrated development environments
आईडीई की सूची

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not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups; "integrated schools"

formed into a whole or introduced into another entity; "a more closely integrated economic and political system"- Dwight D.Eisenhower; "an integrated Europe"

resembling a living organism in organization or development; "society as an integrated whole"
Synonyms: structured,

formed or united into a whole
Synonyms: incorporate, incorporated, merged, unified,

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