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English-Hindi > interceptor missile

interceptor missile meaning in Hindi

interceptor missile sentence in Hindi

अपरोधी मिसाइल
interceptor    अवरोधक सेना
missile    बर्छा भाला अस्र
1.Nike-X required at least one interceptor missile to attack each incoming warhead.

2.A dozen U . S . interceptor missiles are launched in defense.

3.But by 2007, the Pentagon plans to add another 80 interceptor missiles.

4.Crews there would practice loading and unloading interceptor missiles from silos.

5.The system is composed of a radar, a control center, and interceptor missiles.

6.Meanwhile, development of the interceptor missiles has split down two paths.

7.Last fall an interceptor missile successfully destroyed its target, but almost by accident.

8.If the projected target justifies an interception, then an interceptor missile is fired.

9.On 25 November 2012, Israel successfully tested the Stunner interceptor missile.

10.But by 2007, the Pentagon plans to begin adding another 80 interceptor missiles.

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