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English-Hindi > interceptors

interceptors meaning in Hindi

interceptors sentence in Hindi
1.Top returning interceptor : R . W . McQuarters ( 3)

2.The system probably would include 100 ground-based antimissile interceptors.

3.Everson Walls and Mel Renfro rank among the top 20 interceptors.

4.In a January test, the interceptor missed the target altogether.

5.The sophisticated interceptor vehicle failed to separate from its booster rocket.

6.In addition, it prohibits the deployment of interceptors to Alaska.

7.DPS Patrolman Juan Cruz, Tucson, killed in 1996 Interceptor.

8.Officer Robert Nielsen, Chandler, killed in 2000 Interceptor fire.

9.Arizona law enforcement organizations call for ban on purchase of Interceptors.

10.An additional 10 interceptors would be fielded in Alaska in 2005.

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