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English-Hindi > introduction

introduction meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ˌintrə'dʌkʃən ]  sound:  
noun plural: introductions   
introduction sentence in Hindi
1.Subhashchandra Bose: Detailed introduction (webworld)
सुभाषचंद्र बोस : संक्षिप्त परिचय (वेबदुनिया)

2.Subhashchandra Bose: Short introduction (World web)
सुभाषचंद्र बोस : संक्षिप्त परिचय (वेबदुनिया)

3.Last year at TED I gave an introduction to the LHC.
TED में पिछले साल मैंने LHC का परिचय दिया था।

4.Calligraphy on it is only about Mumtazz's introduction and praising.
इस पर किया गया सुलेखन मुमताज की पहचान एवं प्रशंसा में है।

5.An introduction to the background and philosophy of the Ubuntu operating system.
उबन्टू ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम की पृष्ठभूमि और दर्शन का परिचय।

6.A Brief Introduction to Swami Vivekananda
स्वामी विवेकानंद संक्षिप्त परिचय

7.Concise Introduction To Swami Vivekanand
स्वामी विवेकानंद संक्षिप्त परिचय

8.Short introduction to Swami Vivekanannd
स्वामी विवेकानंद संक्षिप्त परिचय

9.Swami Vivekanand Brief Introduction
स्वामी विवेकानंद संक्षिप्त परिचय

10.It does not require the recommendation of the President for its introduction .
उसे पेश करने के लिए राष्ट्रपति की सिफारिश अपेक्षित नहीं होती .

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the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line"
Synonyms: debut, first appearance, launching, unveiling, entry,

the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new; "she looked forward to her initiation as an adult"; "the foundation of a new scientific society"
Synonyms: initiation, founding, foundation, institution, origination, creation, innovation, instauration,

the act of putting one thing into another
Synonyms: insertion, intromission,

the first section of a communication

a basic or elementary instructional text

a new proposal; "they resisted the introduction of impractical alternatives"

formally making a person known to another or to the public
Synonyms: presentation, intro,

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