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inveigle sentence in Hindi

"inveigle" meaning in Hindi
  • The first hole at Augusta is as inveigling as any in golf.
  • Louie finally inveigles Doc into calling Nikki and they date.
  • This was nothing but Brundage inveigling cq Robertson to dream up an excuse.
  • And inveigle their way into whatever can be inveigled.
  • And inveigle their way into whatever can be inveigled.
  • Somehow, he always manages to inveigle his partner into buying his beers.
  • In no time at all, Davidson inveigles Ari into helping him escape.
  • Earlier, another tried to inveigle a dinner invitation.
  • Porter's betrayed his servant Keyes, whom he had inveigled into the plot.
  • Evil increasingly becomes incarnate in Scarpetta's universe, inveigling its way through the seem-
  • They lie to inveigle their way into situations you and I wouldn't dream of confronting.
  • It was not uncommon for an individual to assemble a library in order to inveigle an emperor.
  • She inveigles her way back into the home, and she and Charlie soon begin a relationship.
  • This novel does not seek to inveigle us or woo us; we are pitched straight into it.
  • Kitty inveigles him to rent an apartment for her, one that can also be his art studio.
  • Tom ( Hompertz ), a surfer, is inveigled by Mr . Mead to urinate on him.
  • Deep Blue had tried to inveigle Kasparov into grabbing several pawn offers, but the champion was not fooled.
  • A police officer tells of tracking down people who use computer games to inveigle youngsters into other sorts of games.
  • Fox did inveigle, and it offered the winner an Isuzu Trooper and a $ 35, 000 diamond ring.
  • Enjoying his new lifestyle, Clyde becomes infatuated with Hortense Briggs, who inveigles Clyde into buying her an expensive jacket.
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