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English-Hindi > investigatory

investigatory meaning in Hindi

investigatory sentence in Hindi
• खोज
• तहकीकात संबंधी
• जाँच संबंधित
1.We encourage conferences to become actively involved in the investigatory process.

2.Others, however, were simply lost in the investigatory maze.

3.It has subpoena and investigatory powers but cannot apply specific remedies.

4.Xinhua said, citing the findings of a special investigatory panel.

5.It is, rather, a professional external investigatory audit agency.

6.She also served on the investigatory parliamentary committee into government corruption.

7.The school has won national and international awards for Investigatory Project.

8.Forde said that her prosecution was prompted by improper investigatory work.

9.Its current role as an investigatory and reporting body remains unfulfilled.

10.The welfare officers tend to mix therapeutic components with investigatory ones.

designed to find information or ascertain facts; "a fact-finding committee"; "investigative reporting"
Synonyms: fact-finding, investigative,

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