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ivory soap sentence in Hindi

"ivory soap" meaning in Hindi
  • He organized massive soap-sculpting contests to get children interested in Ivory soap.
  • The title is a play on an advertising slogan for Ivory soap.
  • For Procter & Gamble, he held up a bar of Ivory Soap.
  • "Seventeen is as much a brand as Ivory soap, " he said.
  • "Like the old Ivory Soap commercial, he's 99 . 9 percent pure,"
  • They were used as holding and mixing tanks for making Ivory soap.
  • "They're 99 and 44 / 100ths percent pure, just like Ivory soap,"
  • Pampers, Pringles potato chips, Ivory soap, Jif peanut butter, Duncan Hines cake mixes.
  • Lather yourself in an array of Ivory soaps and Breck shampoos.
  • Grandma might have made do with Ivory soap, but mom had a lineup.
  • Q : How can I reach the company that produces Ivory soap products?
  • "Ivory soap was sort of a sacred cow, " he recalled.
  • Somehow, devil worshipping isn't the right image to sell Ivory Soap and Pampers.
  • If you can't find H & AMP; H, use Ivory soap.
  • She illustrated a number of books, magazines, and created an advertisement for Ivory soap.
  • Next, the protein must be rendered as pristine as Ivory soap, 99.44 percent pure.
  • Harold chose scissors, a bar of Ivory soap and a roll of Scotch tape.
  • The campaign successfully convinced people that Ivory soap was medically superior to other soaps.
  • "Like the old Ivory Soap commercial, he's 99.9 percent pure,"
  • He used some of the same production techniques for Ivory soap as for Crisco.
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