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ivs sentence in Hindi

"ivs" meaning in Hindiivs in a sentence
  • As the IV drips, Andrew looks impassively around the room.
  • His muscular, athletic body shakes the IV in his arm.
  • Joe said he kept boarding the Argosy IV without getting carded.
  • Chip's children are James Earl IV and Margaret Alicia.
  • "Sojourner is Rocky IV, " he said.
  • His predecessor, Traveler IV, lasted from 1987-97.
  • The first room was the one with the mobile IV pole.
  • IVS had a product that could do significant but arcane measurements,
  • The Act IV substitute was the more distressing choice, however.
  • _" Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home"
  • NEXT : Part IV : Bill Clinton's Personally Flawed Populism
  • A lot of dehydration, hysteria, we had IVs going.
  • He comes back later, after getting a rehydrating IV drip.
  • The river through the gorge features class II through IV rapids.
  • It's like comparing an IV drip to a meal.
  • One more tequila shooter IV drip for the road, please!
  • No more IVs in the arms or backs of my hands.
  • The IVs are always inserted before the witnesses are brought in.
  • The loss of fluids had him on IVs early in camp.
  • IVS will release its own official preliminary tally to both sides.
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