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English-Hindi > jack arch

jack arch meaning in Hindi

jack arch sentence in Hindi

जैक तोरण
जैक महराब
jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
arch    चाप चापाकार में
1.Unlike regular arches, jack arches are not semicircular in form.

2.This jack arch was removed and the facade restored to its uniform appearance.

3.All of the double-hung sash windows have stuccoed jack arch lintels.

4.Once the columns were in place, a jack arch was constructed above them.

5.There is considerable scope for incorporation of decorative patterns and elements into jack arches.

6.The roof is jack arch type on iron girders with brick and lime concrete.

7.It has a side gable roof and tall jack arch door and window openings.

8.The fa�ade is three bays wide, with each door and window topped with a jack arch.

9.The rectangular windows are unusually large and are capped by pressed brick jack arches with stone console keystones.

10.The latter are classical in style and serve as the keystones in the jack arches above the windows.

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