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English-Hindi > jackanapes

jackanapes meaning in Hindi

jackanapes sentence in Hindi
1.Buchanan, trying to recover : " No . Jackanapes.

2."You impertinent jackanapes, " his father wrote him.

3.There Jackanapes rides to the rescue of the wounded and dismounted Tom.

4.I was going to call him a jackanapes.

5.Nobody calls anyone a jackanapes these days . You remind me of the soup nazi.

6.Gertrude Jekyll, the English landscape gardener, named hers Jackanapes, after her pet monkey.

7.Network notes were parodied at the beginning of the episode " Day of the Jackanapes ".

8.Following its home video release, " Day of the Jackanapes " received positive reviews from critics.

9.The tips which appear in the game's News, which is updated regularly, use terms such as " Jackanapes ".

10.Baseball has been the prime sporting diversion on this land mass for more than a century, providing us with assorted heroes and jackanapes on a daily basis.

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someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous
Synonyms: whippersnapper, lightweight,

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