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English-Hindi > jackpot

jackpot meaning in Hindi

jackpot sentence in Hindi
1.But once in a while they'll hit the jackpot.

2.Golf's jackpot winners will be quickly forgotten, too.

3.Matching the first five numbers plus the Powerball wins the jackpot.

4.In that, Davis recently hit the jackpot, legally speaking.

5.Jackpot shares fell 1 / 8 to 9 7 / 8.

6.A $ 25, 000 jackpot lured Lindbergh across the Atlantic.

7.Wait until my kids see I've hit the jackpot.

8."It's a total emotional jackpot,"

9.Even then, they should not count on hitting the jackpot.

10.And when they do, a company can hit a jackpot.

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any outstanding award

the cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker)
Synonyms: pot, kitty,

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