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English-Hindi > jacobean

jacobean meaning in Hindi

jacobean sentence in Hindi
1.The 17th century pulpit is decorated with Jacobean strap-carvings.

2.He transformed Somerleyton Hall into a typical East Anglian Jacobean mansion.

3.The current hall is based around a 16th C Jacobean Property.

4.Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England 1530-1630 ".

5.The structure consists of a combined clock tower, Jacobean motifs.

6.The church, which is dedicated to Norman and Jacobean architecture.

7.Jacobean court poets and musicians, later called the Castalian Band.

8.Inside the church are a 13th-century octagonal jacobean pulpit.

9.The gate lodge and outbuildings are also in a Jacobean style.

10.Jacobean audiences ate up stories involving " infected minds ."

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