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English-Hindi > jade green

jade green meaning in Hindi

jade green sentence in Hindi
हरा रंग

जेड हरित
हरिताश्म हरी
jade    हरा रंग हरिताश्म
green    हरारंग हरा होना
1.Shabnam gives birth to their son, Jade Green ( Amaya Edward ).

2.In the Goryeo period jade green celadon ware became more popular.

3.Mick's partner Jade Green ( Amaya Edward ) also made her first appearance.

4.Jade green and aquamarine light up the generally dark palette.

5.White horses grazed in jade green fields and waterfalls graced the steeply sloping mountains.

6.In the Minho, the cabbages are jade green and monstrous.

7.The Internal Frame Pack, 21 { inches high, comes in bright jade green with black accents.

8.One woman wears a jade green outfit for prosperity, while the other wears red for good fortune.

9.A White Tara goddess occupies the centre of the altar with a Jade Green Tara on either side.

10.The livery of trains is personalized, combining RATP's traditional jade green with various visual symbols of the city.

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a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green
Synonyms: jade,

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