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English-Hindi > jacuzzi

jacuzzi meaning in Hindi

jacuzzi sentence in Hindi
• बहुत बड़ा स्नानगृह
• खनिज जलीय स्नान-टब
1.And I'll be back in the Jacuzzi ."

2.It has a marble floor, big windows and a Jacuzzi.

3.A nymph in a fountain, the floozy in the jacuzzi;

4.Niagara Falls is the home of the heart-shaped Jacuzzi.

5.One hospice routinely offers Jacuzzi treatments with candles and soothing music.

6.Maybe even one wit a Jacuzzi love tub inna bat room.

7.I went looking for picture hangers and left with a Jacuzzi.

8.Throw it in the Jacuzzi, the microwave or the dryer.

9.Still, not everyone is convinced that Jacuzzi is home free.

10.The swimming pool / Jacuzzi was a deduction for physical therapy.

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