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English-Hindi > jade stone

jade stone meaning in Hindi

jade stone sentence in Hindi
हरिताश्म पत्थर
jade    हरा रंग हरिताश्म
stone    प्रस्तर पत्थर मणि
1.:I've never heard the " single universal jade stone " thing.

2.The jade stone was found in 1960 in Xiuyan County.

3.Some still maintained jade stones, implying the significance of conch shells within their tribal society.

4.The jade stone weighs 260.76 tons.

5.They do so because they consider all pieces of jade to derive from a single universal jade stone.

6.Often these companies would have preferential relationships with clients that had a reputation for skillfully identifying valuable jade stones for sale.

7.It is a single piece of jade stone measuring 6.88 metres in width, 4.10 metres front to back and 7.95 metres high.

8.The largest single jade stone ever found came from Xiuyan, now carved into the form of a Buddha, it is a major tourist attraction in the area.

9.The confession of the drivers led to the seizure of nearly 9 tons of jade stones at a noodle factory and a house in Mandalay the next day.

10.Authorities seized nearly 14 tons of jade stones in raids on a smuggling ring this past month, the state-owned newspaper New Light of Myanmar ( Burma ) reported Friday.

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