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English-Hindi > jaggedness

jaggedness meaning in Hindi

jaggedness sentence in Hindi
1.The letters are washed blunt glass which betray no jaggedness.

2.An argument that increased jaggedness in the contact line enhances droplet mobility has also been proposed.

3.The rugged and sharp peaks are unmatched in steepness and jaggedness by any other ranges in the lower 48 American states.

4.There is the jaggedness of violence, but if you took away all the guns, you would be left in serenity.

5.I mentioned odd meters _ 5 / 4 or 7 / 4 _ to give a jaggedness to some of the rhythms.

6.Thus, the change in slope between each successive point is small, reducing the apparent " jaggedness " of the approximation.

7.However, the lack of conventional drama and the jaggedness of the story line enhance the authenticity of Levi's halting odyssey.

8.The shimmering and jaggedness were also noted by GameSpot and the American website IGN, which did not feel they were that irritating.

9.The resulting image is larger than the original, and preserves all the original detail, but has ( possibly undesirable ) jaggedness.

10.Softley and his screenwriter, Hossein Amini, laser through the density of James's prose to the jaggedness of its psychic violence.

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