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English-Hindi > jahn-teller effect

jahn-teller effect meaning in Hindi

jahn-teller effect sentence in Hindi

• यान-टेलर प्रभाव
effect    परिणाम प्रभात
1.In addition , the peaks of li2mn2o4 could n ' t be found in xrd patterns of limn2o4 - xsx after 30 cycles , both the results indicated s - doping suppressed the jahn - teller effects

2.For resolve the jahn - teller effect , improve the capacities and cycle performance and decrease the cell price , a series of spinel lithium manganese oxides doped by lithium , nickel and titanium were prepared by liquid method

3.The capacity fading has several possible reasons , including manganese dissolution , distortion of the crystal lattice due to the jahn - teller effect and electrolyte oxidation . doping the spinel with al and mg was introduced in this paper to improve performance of li - ion batteries cathode material . in this work , spinel limn2o4 and lialxmn2 - xo4 and limgymn2 - yo4 have been synthesized by a sol - gel - complexation method and their structure and electrochemical properties have been examined

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