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English-Hindi > jahweh

jahweh meaning in Hindi

jahweh sentence in Hindi
1.In the picture light is streaming from God s name Jahweh, which is used in the Old Testament.

2.One Gardnerian even declared " spare us Jahweh in drag ! " in response to the focus on the one Goddess.

3.Pss . 42 and 43 are shown by identity of subject ( yearning for the house of Jahweh ), of metrical structure and of refrain ( cf.

4.To me, it proves that God, Allah, Jahweh, Buddha, etc ., has a great sense of humour-and all his children-us-are just the comedians.

5.The elephants, fearful that uttering the name of the bone will weaken it, call it " the that-way bone " ( sounds like " the Jahweh bone " ).

6.After the completion of the revision it had to be submitted for a Papal Approbation, which was also rejected by the EKD . The new edition ( February 2010 ) prefers gender-neutral wording and does not render the name Jahweh.

7."A Poet's Bible " and especially " The Book of J, " the work he wrote with Harold Bloom that tried to prove that J ( for Jahweh ) _ S's predecessor and intimate, and the author of the Pentateuch _ was a woman?

8.On " Boombastic, " the top 10 single and title track from his second album, released last week on Virgin records, he raps, " With my sexual physique, Jah know me well built " ( Jah is short for Jahweh, or God . ) The next thing one hears in the song is Shaggy laughing at himself.

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