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English-Hindi > jail bird

jail bird meaning in Hindi

jail bird sentence in Hindi
jail    कारागार कारागृह
bird    चिड़िया पक्षी
1.I am an old jail bird, there are no surprises for me,

2.This sequence was recycled in " Jail Birds of Paradise ".

3.A fellow jail bird that Percy met in the canteen on his first day whilst he was doing time.

4.This included'The Jail Bird', a performance about Davitt, created by Horse and Bamboo Theatre with local school students.

5.For London Live, as well as producing and directing her own documentaries, Louise also Exec Produced Beggar Off and directed Jail Birds.

6.A defense lawyer who told jurors his client might be a " stinking thief jail bird " did not fall down on the job, the U . S . Supreme Court ruled Monday.

7."If you don't think he's lying, bad person, lousy drug addict, stinking thief jail bird, all that to the contrary, he's not guilty.

8.Their nickname is " the Terrors " or occasionally " Stripes " or the " Jail birds ", in reference to their kit that resembles that of an old fashioned prison uniform.

9.Think Moe the Bartender, Police Chief Wiggum, Apu, the boss of Qwik-E-Mart, Professor Frink and an assortment of others, including Lou, Dr . Nick, Riviera, Carl Smith and Jail Bird.

10.Barrasford in competition to Moss-Stoll added two further existing theatres to his tour in Liverpool : the Lyric Theatre in Everton Valley ( opened Easter Monday, 1903 ); and the St Helens Hippodrome ( previously the St Helens Empire ), which opened with Fred Karno's comedy company in a production of " Jail Birds ."

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