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English-Hindi > jail fever

jail fever meaning in Hindi

jail fever sentence in Hindi

कारा ज्वर
jail    कारागार कारागृह
fever    उत्कण्ठा उत्तेजना
1.Beaulieu fell terribly ill from jail fever and died in a poor humble lodging.

2.Typhus was also common in prisons ( and in crowded conditions where lice spread easily ), where it was known as " Gaol fever " or " Jail fever ".

3.The first mention of Edmonde Bell, dates from 1567, where he is found recorded in his Grandfather's will, who bequeaths certain property to him, " books of law and Greek . " It is likely that by age fifteen, Edmonde had been partially prepared and fashioned for a career in his family's profession, when he suffered the loss of his father from the terminal effects of what was then called " Jail Fever ".

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