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English-Hindi > jamadar

jamadar meaning in Hindi

jamadar sentence in Hindi
1.Simboonath Capildeo and Vernon Jamadar returned to their respective legal practices.

2.Jamadar ordered that Thomas be spared execution and serve a life term in prison.

3.He dismissed his brother as Leader of the Opposition and replaced him with Jamadar.

4.It was put under a Jamadar.

5.Each section was under a Jamadar.

6.He was unable to walk, and so was helped by his jamadar to climb the hill.

7.A jamadar got a monthly salary of 40 Rupees, a sepoy 30 Rupees and a sawar 10 Rupees.

8.Mahuva is also known for wooden toys, raw onions, groundnuts, and local " Jamadar mango ".

9.The first Jamadar of the Swat Levies was Mohammad Akram Khan son of Said Anwar Khan of Timergara, Dir District.

10.On Tuesday, Jamadar ruled that murderer Darrin Thomas had been jailed without sufficient light, handcuffed during exercise breaks and given inadequate food.

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