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English-Hindi > jilted

jilted meaning in Hindi

jilted sentence in Hindi
1.Reichardt resisted prosecution attempts to portray Simpson as a jilted suitor.

2.The Celtics, meanwhile, felt like the proverbial jilted lover.

3.Prince Bertil of Sweden jilted his old Bugattis for a 356.

4.There are dozens of other examples of worthy teams being jilted.

5.Some folks in the TV arena might feel a little jilted.

6.There actually was a pretty good story lineinvolving a jilted player.

7.We now feel like we have been jilted at the altar.

8.If they get jilted someday, bouncing back is almost impossible.

9.The Bucs thought Parcells had agreed, but he jilted them.

10.Els turned away, jilted now in all three 2004 majors.

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