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joss stick sentence in Hindi

"joss stick" meaning in Hindijoss stick in a sentence
  • No driver passed them without cutting his engine to light joss sticks.
  • Sacrifices to the aobaoes are made offering slaughtered animals, joss sticks, and libations.
  • They would bring joss sticks, incense paper and food offerings to the ancestors.
  • Then, they packed these flowers with the joss sticks and candles.
  • Be forewarned : The joss sticks often are as instructive as a fortune cookie.
  • Each joss stick should only be used to pay respect for only one entity.
  • Joss sticks, candles and flowers for use in prayers were given free toall devotees.
  • Vendors on the pier did a brisk business selling joss sticks and incense paper.
  • The medium offers sacred gifts in return, often in the form of joss sticks.
  • Much of the sandalwood is exported, and used in the manufacture of joss sticks.
  • Wares include crisply modeled figures, cups, bowls and joss stick-holders.
  • Joss sticks, a kind of incense, are burned inside and outside of the house.
  • Vendors on the pier do a brisk business selling joss sticks and incense paper.
  • The pagoda said the three edifices had been recognized as the world's tallest joss sticks.
  • Often, urns, usually placed with some joss sticks, are placed in front of the deity.
  • The worshippers may then recite prayers before proceeding to place their joss sticks on designated areas.
  • Donations-giving food to the needy and offerings of incense and joss sticks-and prayers are carried out.
  • Smoke swirls in the air as pilgrims murmur their prayers while standing and waving joss sticks.
  • :I'd have thought it most unlikely that joss stick smoke would not have carcinogenic substances in it.
  • However, Buddhist Chinese place joss sticks and offer food to their deceased ancestors besides cleaning the graves.
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