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joss-stick sentence in Hindi

"joss-stick" meaning in Hindijoss-stick in a sentence
  • I blare the one mouthful , �� , is really again the joss - stick again frailty
  • Devotees may bring simple offerings of flowers , candles and joss - sticks to lay at the feet of their teacher
  • Write , my bubble tea has been already seen bottom , throat inside , leave dry acrid remaining joss - stick
  • Make into the bean curd with the high - quality soybean , after ferment , the bean curd becomes to smell smelly , eating the joss - stick
  • Three leaf s joss - sticks are in the light of " beg actually , trustworthiness , share " in order to conduct standard , look for actively in the world
  • Make great effort continuously , pursue outstanding , kill ? requite people , requite concern and support three leafs the people of different walks of life of joss - stick
  • You can regard as the stroll to the mountain climbing , the along the road appreciates some kind of joss - stick flower weed , if smell a partridge voice , then can make the sound of sounds of nature
  • Seek a cooperation a colleague . face future , three leaf the joss - stick will exceed a tidy step , continuing to go forward , common establish a top - grade business enterprise , top - grade management team hard
  • This article adopts the creative science formulation , containing the ? plant essence , radiant and extremely keen the joss - stick is repeatedly , ? ? giving you living space of the fragrant and green environmental protection
  • The jizong is the valuable wild edible germ which is the special product of yunnan , the flavor is fresh , sweet , delicate , joss - stick , it can match in excellence with chicken mutually , can still keep the stomach , refreshing
  • These symbolic offerings are to remind followers that just as the beautiful flowers would wither away after a short while and the candles and joss - sticks would soon burn out , so too is life subject to decay and destruction
  • The joss - stick wrap - take a bag with unattractive milli - walks into the friend s room , then crumples ah crumple , when see the bag word drum drum will blast open , throw down him to run to go out hurriedly must remember to close a door
  • There is 90 kinds of near dragon woman s tea , red flower wood lotus , yunnan wearing a smile etc . wood orchid in the wood park . 100 grass parks gather 37 , heavy building , cloud wood joss - stick etc . the valuable medium herb medicine 1000 remaining grow
  • The fatty and thick frailty of the magnolia flower petal is delicate , wash clearly , dragged along from the face powder , refined sugar and water adjust of face , then fry in oil , becoming the joss - stick then delicate and tasty , do not have the magnolia a round flat cake of the taste
  • In summer , a water lotus , water lily grace ; in autumn , the chrysanthemum covers with the gold , the laurel floats the joss - stick ; in winter , the plum is cold , the mountain tea vomit red , the magnolia is pure and lustrous , their each elegant appearance , ask for the persons fancy
  • Today i went to the peace market my elder sister - in - law to buy a clothes to spend 138 dollars to buy a very comfortable clothes with my elder sister - in - law and mother , and our three everybodies one cup pearl milk tea , like to drink what i want very much is a cantaloupe milk tea , my elder sister - in - law is what original flavor milk tea , my mother want is a fragrant milk tea of �� , is a stick , joss - stick for a word , thick , hereafter still drink , still buy
  • It has been the history of more than 600 years , it is good enough to with bejing roasting duck to match in excellence , the roasting duck is divided into the young duck and fatty duck again , the meat quality is delicate , the eating flavor is sweet ; the fatty duck s grease is more , old joss - stick of the meat quality , if go together with the spring onion white , the wild pepper or sauces product to eat , that is also to have the taste , taking the roast duck in dog street as particularly good
  • Tf shape ream the person have at present a bright and fresh felling , extremely make a point of the shape s vogue , and spray the black match of cent color , bright of valuable piano paint in the center the pale red color import the solid bark to more show noble cultured , exquisite of aluminum metal alloy the pillar match top three layer glasses , the whole chien the vogue , product vaporize to have no the inside magic power of the language , in the scenery for residing the environment , not only is at presently aly beauty in house of the same vogue , ream warm and fragrant atmosphere for residing increasing the brilliance , and in the living space making the live of livinging joss - stick , leisurely and carefreely enjoying in house
  • I , lovely and generous not beautiful , but the love make friend , sometime everyone say my cleverness lovely , sometime everyone again say i am steady heavy mature , i be so , i would the work is private and clear , if you feel if i can be your friend , please contact me . qq : 277175165 everyones call i fragrant joss - stick good

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