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joueur sentence in Hindi

"joueur" meaning in Hindijoueur in a sentence
  • Le joueur de oud a envo�t?le public ?
  • H�ctor Herrera was awarded " Meilleur joueur " as the most outstanding player of the tournament.
  • James Rodr�guez won the " Meilleur joueur " award for the most outstanding player of the tournament.
  • In June 2010, the French Internet game reviewer Fr�d�ric Molas lambasted the game on his show " Le Joueur du Grenier ".
  • He began as a novelist and produced an autobiographical novel about his adolescence " le Joueur de triangle " ( The Triangle Player ).
  • Herrera was a vital part in the Mexico squad that won the 2012 Toulon Tournament, and was awarded the Meilleur Joueur as the most outstanding player of the tournament.
  • An argument cited to support this choice is that Philidor ( as reported by Lewis ) said, " ( Verdoni ) c'est le premier joueur en Europe apres moi ".
  • It may be possible that his uncle ( also named Nicolas Leb�gue ), a " ma�tre joueur d'instrument ", played some role in Leb�gue's music education.
  • Antoine Comte, the lawyer representing the heirs of Alphonse Kann, claims the Pompidou Center acquired " Le Joueur de Guitare " ( The Guitar Player ) in 1981 knowing of its murky wartime past.
  • He created a number of parts that added to his popularity, especially Cardillac, Ducange's " Trente ans, ou la vie d'un joueur ", in which his vivid acting made a profound impression.
  • He appeared in " The Monuments Men ", directed by George Clooney, and co-starring Clooney, Matt Damon, and Cate Blanchett, and starred in the French film " Le Petit Joueur ".
  • In other media, Kremer played the role of Paganini in Peter Schamoni's 1983 movie " " ( " Spring Symphony " ) and was the music director of the movie Le joueur de violon by Charles Van Damme.
  • She also worked extensively as a voice actor and was dubbed over Margaret Rutherford ( " Passport to Pimlico " ), Fran�oise Rosay ( " Le Joueur " ) and Helene Thimig ( " Decision Before Dawn " ).
  • An art critic, writing on F�der's work, said " Adolphe F�der struck me as the most original in his finely austere'Joueur de Biniou'and more mirthful still life . " A monograph on F�der was written in 1929 by Gustave Kahn.
  • Ducange wrote numerous plays and melodramas, among which the most successful were " Marco Loricot, ou le petit Chouan de 1830 " ( 1836 ), and " Trente ans, ou la vie d'un joueur " ( 1827 ), in which Fr�d�rick Lema�tre found one of his best parts.
  • Poe's " Maelzel's Chess Player " was the inspiration for the television short " El jugador de ajedrez " aka " Le joueur d'�checs de Maelzel " ( 1981 ), directed by Juan Luis Bu�uel and shown as part of the Poe-series " Histoires extraordinaires ".
  • :Le corpus de temples .  Cycles narratifs et vishnouisme .  Le Mahabharata du temple de Pu�jai .  Temples shiva�tes et traditions narratives vishnouites .  le combat contre l'oiseau .  Le joueur de fl�te .  Le voleur de beurre .  La d�livrance de l'�l�phant .  Conclusion .  R�sum?.  " 23 Fig .  Bibliographie ."
  • The article quotes a colleague of Bouvier as saying, " . . . to build freeports you need to be a billionaire . . . Rybolovlev was the billionaire whose money was building the freeports . " As to Bouvier's method of marking-up the price of the works he was selling, the New Yorker commented as follows : " When a deal with the seller was in sight, Bouvier would then agree on his own price with Rybolovlev, which was often tens of millions of dollars higher . " The magazine provides the example of a  Joueur de Fl�te et Femme Nue,  which Bouvier sold to Rybolovlev for twenty-five million euros.
  • He recorded more than 40 CDs as a soloist or chamber musician : Concertos by Stamitz, Pokorny ( " The clarinet in Bohemia ", Clarinet Classics label ), Br�val, Mozart, Weber ( the only one integrale by a French clarinetist ), Ponchielli, Copland, Nielsen, Fran�aix ( conducted by the composer, C D ADDA-Universal ), Bacri ( composed for him ), Brahms and Mozart Quintets with the famous Talich Quartet from Prag ( winner of the French Grammy Award : " Choc " of " Le Monde de la Musique " magazine ), Chamber pieces by Nielsen ( Gallo label ), Stamitz, Beethoven, Mahler, Dohnanyi, Glazunov ( first recording of " R�verie orientale " ), Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Khatchaturian, Schubert " Der Hirt auf dem Felsen ", " Tim et Tom " ( CD-book Gallimard, for children; " The Paris Connection ( premiere of Bacri, Girard, Connesson, Clarinet Classics label ), Louis Cahuzac Complete Music ( first recording in 2002 from the manuscripts, Clarinet Classics to be published in 2011 ), " Kol Nidr?" ( 2010 ), Milhaud's first recording of " Scaramouche " ), Koechlin ( first complete recording of " Les confidences d'un joueur de clarinette ", Gallo label ), Debussy Rhapsodie with the Moscow Symphonic, Ravel ( Introduction et Allegro ), Poulenc Sonatas ( " new " original versions ) . ..
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