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jounce sentence in Hindi

"jounce" meaning in Hindi  
  • More often, campaign-trail jounce follows Granite State bounce.
  • The dimensions of jounce are distance per fourth power of time.
  • Unexpectedly, the bus jounces as it hits a pothole.
  • Handling is balanced and predictable, with minimal body sway and without harshness or jounce.
  • As the truck jounced down the driveway into the night, someone offered them congratulations.
  • The pope is completely visible as he sits on the red bench seat and jounces along.
  • As we jounced up the mountain to Kukes, each brush with death improved his humor.
  • Or family outings jouncing by car past lacy walls of birches to a beloved pond or hunting ground.
  • By the end of each such session, I began to be slightly giddy from all the jouncing.
  • The cigarette he's about to light jounces up and down in the corner of his mouth.
  • The men looked completely different from the sleepy soldiers who had jounced along in the Bradley all week.
  • She meant that the countryside and its animal inhabitants are so compelling they divert your mind from the jouncing.
  • The ride is a dream but the underpinnings are taut, serving up cushiness without wallow and handling without jounce.
  • We rumbled and jounced across the snowy tundra of Cape Churchill for an hour before we saw our first bear.
  • At 11 : 30, the yellow school bus jounced down the runway and braked to a stop before the children.
  • With each jounce and jar, I felt guiltier _ and we had only just passed through the state of Haryana.
  • On a sunny morning in June, an old pickup jounces among the ravines and hillocks of a North Dakota pasture.
  • They showed him some resilient material used in a jounce bumper, where a car's body and frame connect.
  • The third derivative of is defined to be the jerk, and the fourth derivative is defined to be the jounce.
  • As they rode along, jounced about in the back of the trucks, the 44 children sang a song declaring their defiance.
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