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journalistic writing sentence in Hindi

"journalistic writing" meaning in Hindijournalistic writing in a sentence
  • "He's really risen and gone beyond his journalistic writing.
  • Journalistic writing on Fenton typically considers him a Briton.
  • Students learn journalistic writing techniques, editing, and page design as well as interview techniques.
  • He has also done journalistic writing for Conde Nast publications on the arts and the environment.
  • I've noticed it in journalistic writing as well as some academic work, particularly that published in Britain.
  • Those well-intentioned people often have an aversion to journalistic writing, its formality and the confines of the truth.
  • The hallmarks of his books were his extensive, in-depth research and a vigorous, almost journalistic writing style.
  • One sees it so often in flabby journalistic writing, I can't believe the construction always has that purpose.
  • Historians dismiss his works, pointing out that Kurowski's journalistic writing style leads to embellishments and half-truths.
  • The aesthetic of Salvadorean literature of this era did not have a role comparable to that of eloquent speech or journalistic writing.
  • There is also an exception for journalistic writing, but I don't really see how wikipedia fits into that loophole.
  • We hear and read strange things in the media, and in many cases I put it down to shoddy journalistic writing.
  • A : It's true that the competition with electronic media has really had an impact on the quality of journalistic writing.
  • It is much more comparable to scientific writing than to journalistic writing, and it takes a while to understand what is required.
  • The presentation slides are available on the Wikimania conference website and a nice journalistic write-up was published by " The Atlantic ".
  • The argument does not always depend upon explicit reliable sources and may instead take the form of an appeal to tradition and the style of journalistic writing.
  • Newspapers and periodicals often contain features ( see Feature style ) written by journalists, many of whom specialize in this form of in-depth journalistic writing.
  • What " sounds like an essay " usually means is that an article is written more like what one would read in journalistic writing or some-such.
  • Early influences on Bodo's journalistic writing style include Frank Deford, Curry Kirkpatrick, George Plimpton, Norman Mailer, Dave Anderson and Hunter S . Thompson.
  • The Elementary Department and the High School Department have garnered laurels in creative and journalistic writing competitions in quiz bees, in the performing arts, and even in sports.
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