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English-Hindi > junky

junky meaning in Hindi

junky sentence in Hindi
1.How many sports junkies would drop MTV, CNN and USA?

2.Now the railroad is just a haven for hookers and junkies.

3.Indeed, Holbrooke and his negotiating team have become momentum junkies.

4.Some friends of mine are late-night college basketball junkies.

5.A few good sites for political junkies and just plain voters:

6.Cowboy Junkies guitarist Michael Timmins takes a long-range view.

7.The last time the Cowboy Junkies toured was three years ago.

8.Perhaps you hope to see more crimes committed by desperate junkies.

9.The baby crawls across the floor in a room of junkies.

10.Maybe this would be what we Procomm junkies were longing for.

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