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English-Hindi > juxtapositions

juxtapositions meaning in Hindi

juxtapositions sentence in Hindi
1.Gottschalk anticipated some of Charles Ives's experiments in juxtaposition.

2.Some years the juxtaposition is very painful for the aggrieved party.

3.Whatever ticks inside Seles has produced a crazy juxtaposition of personas.

4.These portraits allow for some wonderful juxtapositions of object and image.

5.The juxtaposition of contrasting air masses provides the fuel for storms.

6.Traditionally the art of film editing was the juxtaposition of frames,

7.That was underscored by the juxtaposition of two events on Friday.

8.Two new management books offer an interesting juxtaposition on that answer.

9.This combination marks a breathtaking juxtaposition of policy and personal life.

10.For instance, the juxtaposition of luxurious material with sportif shapes.

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