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English-Hindi > kabul river

kabul river meaning in Hindi

kabul river sentence in Hindi
काबुल नदी
kabul    काबुल
river    दरिया नदी
1.Kabul River enters from Afghanistan and passes through Shalman valley.

2.The road ran along the Kabul River, knifing between dizzying rock cliffs.

3.It joins the Kabul River a few kilometres below the city of Kabul.

4.The district centre is the village of Goshta, on the Kabul River.

5.Much of the city lies on the North Bank of the Kabul River.

6.The Kabul river enters the district in the Northwest.

7.Most of the streams drain into Kabul river.

8.The Kabul River is impounded by several dams.

9.The Kabul River flows through Char Asiab district.

10.The flood Plains / Zones are the areas between Kabul River and Budni Nala.

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