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English-Hindi > kaempferia

kaempferia meaning in Hindi

kaempferia sentence in Hindi
1.Peacock gingers ( Kaempferia spp . ) make an exceptional carpet of patterned foliage in the shade.

2.Most species are only inches tall, but the new Kaempferia rotunda ` Grande'is about 2 feet tall.

3.Spices include Kaempferia galanga ( galangal ), shallots, garlic, turmeric, ginger and Kaffir lime are used in Balinese cuisine.

4.The low-growing peacock gingers ( Kaempferia spp . ) produce flat, iridescent summer flowers daily given a rich, moist, but well-draining soil.

5._Peacock gingers ( " Kaempferia spp . " ) are low-growers with large, beautifully marked foliage that burns in hot, direct sun.

6.Some examples of exotic flora that are on grounds include the False Larch and Pseudolarix kaempferia from Japan; the White Enkianthus and the Enkianthis perulatas from China; and the Persian Ironwood.

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