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English-Hindi > kairomone

kairomone meaning in Hindi

kairomone sentence in Hindi
1.Often a pheromone may be utilized as a kairomone by a predator or parasitoid to locate the emitting organism

2.A kairomone, which is a feeding attractant, can be used to capture males and females ( DA lure ).

3.One method of adapting to allomones is to develop a positive reaction to them; the allomone then becomes a kairomone.

4.In this case the chemical substance produced is both a pheromone ( communication between bark beetles ) and a kairomone ( eavesdropping ).

5.If fear hormones were being " sprayed ", it would be an example of a kairomone, which have yet to be definitively determined in mammals.

6.The female obscure mealybug sex pheromone has the unfortunate property of sometimes attracting parasitic wasps ( such as " Tetracnemoidea peregrina " ), and is therefore a kairomone.

7.Non-fed stages responded positively to guano and uric acid, excretory products of the penguins, suggesting that these act as a kairomone to help them locate their host.

8.A kairomone is a semiochemical, emitted by an organism, which mediates interspecific interactions in a way that benefits an individual of another species which receives it, without benefitting the emitter.

9.The amygdala ( in olfaction ) processes pheromone, allomone, and kairomone ( same-species, cross-species, and cross-species where the emitter is harmed and the sensor is benefited, respectively ) signals.

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