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English-Hindi > kaiser bill

kaiser bill meaning in Hindi

kaiser bill sentence in Hindi
• काइज़र बिल
kaiser    सम्राट
bill    प्राप्यक फरसा तंग
1.Arrived in Europe to settle things up with Kaiser Bill.

2.The wolf, named Kaiser Bill, ended up on the chili label.

3.Slauson, West and Kaiser Bill drove to the town square, where a curious crowd gathered.

4.Friend Charlie Reisen, a photographer, suggested that Davis put a likeness of Kaiser Bill on the cans'labels.

5.Friend Fred Slauson, a former World War I pilot and mechanic who maintained Davis'canning machine, suggested Davis name the wolf Kaiser Bill.

6.The can cars were popular, but company officials became concerned about the safety of the animals, and Kaiser Bill, the wolf, was retired in 1927.

7.It was about that time that he adopted the brand name " Wolf Brand, " a name suggested to him in honor of his pet wolf, Kaiser Bill.

8.Miss Love mentions in passing that she possesses a few letters from the now Kaiser Bill, which she claims reveal the " piquant " nature of their encounters.

9.As Bismarck, a bully with great diplomatic skills, who used war only as a last resort, had predicted, Kaiser Bill did drag Germany into war in 1914.

10.The map in question shows the borders of the old Second Reich, the Germany of Kaiser Bill, borders that existed in 1914 prior to the First World War, not the Second.

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