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English-Hindi > kajal

kajal meaning in Hindi

kajal sentence in Hindi
1.Kajal and Raja stay together, honoring Ravi's memory.

2.Mahesh ended up marrying Payal, Kajal's younger sister.

3.This is the first film release for Kajal Aggarwal in Tamil.

4.He saves the unconscious Kajal from drowning and brings her home.

5.Yogi finds out that Kajal is walking home and is worried.

6.Ajay comes to the rescue and confesses that he has Kajal.

7.Anjali ( Kajal Aggarwal ) joins their company as a translator.

8.At age of 22 Amit Lohani was married to Kajal Khubchandani.

9.Kajal becomes shocked when she hears this and runs to see him.

10.Unhappy with the news, Raj asks Kajal not to marry Monty.

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