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kamini sentence in Hindi

"kamini" meaning in Hindikamini in a sentence
  • The poet Kamini Roy lived in the town for some years.
  • The credits role as a grieving Kamini and Shrinath walk away.
  • Subsequently Ravi crashes to his death and Kamini becomes Princess Kamini.
  • Subsequently Ravi crashes to his death and Kamini becomes Princess Kamini.
  • But now Kamini / Maya has decided to leave this profession.
  • Kamini brings a young physocology student named Mansi to the house.
  • Kamini tries to free Renu and Manmohan, but a guard enters.
  • So do Brijmohan and Kamini, and Jagmohan and Sheila.
  • He befriends Princess Kamini and informs her of him being Ravi Verma.
  • Kamini, however, is able to escape and goes looking for Brijmohan.
  • Kamini quoted in an interview on this, " We were both shattered.
  • Just as the exchange is about to take place, Tina attacks Kamini.
  • Before leaving Kamini, he tells her that their love will never fail.
  • The second couple stays with Vinod's mother ( Kamini Kaushal ).
  • Vijender, Kamini and Anchal are put in jail.
  • One day, Ayesha overhears Kamini talking to herself about all her crimes.
  • When Nihal recovers, he remembers everything about Kamini.
  • Kamini initially opposes this match, but subsequently relents and both get married.
  • Kamini Kaushal was the first lead heroine for whom Lata Mangeshkar ever sang for.
  • The Chief and Shekhar come just in time before Dharamdas attempts to kill Kamini.
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