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karling sentence in Hindi

"karling" meaning in Hindikarling in a sentence
  • Some active instructors include Walter Karling and Chris Corradino.
  • By 2012, Kurt Graves had replaced Karling Leung as President and CEO.
  • The principal is Gene Welheofer and the district administrator is George J . Karling.
  • Karling's number was not published and he could not be reached for comment by The Associated Press.
  • Karling said he was working to get the video released and to protect Hlava's rights to the material.
  • Karling said that ABC was made aware on Friday that it did not have the right to show the video for free.
  • Walter Karling, a freelance photographer acting as an agent for Hlava, said he wanted to protect Hlava's right to the material.
  • The photographer, Walter Karling, who now describes himself as Hlava's agent, said it had not been sold to any television station.
  • The New York Times had not paid for the tape, and it had not been sold to any television station, Karling said on Saturday morning.
  • ABC immediately heard from Walter Karling, a freelance photographer acting as an agent for Hlava, who called into question ABC's right to air the video.
  • An alternative interpretation was presented in 1970 by writer Sten Karling, when he suggested that the work did not seek to glorify the knight, but instead depict a " robber Baron ".
  • Gastrotricha are microscopic animals ranging from 0.06-3.0 mm in body length . " Paradasys subterraneus " has a bodylength up to 0.6 mm ( Karling 1954 ).
  • In 2005, the executive leadership of Intarcia was largely vested in two people, Karling Leung and James Ahlers, President / CEO / Director and Vice President / CFO / Finance & Operations Officer, respectively.
  • Eventually, a woman happened to learn of the tape from the pub deal at a school wxere oog o news photographer who doubled as her ballroom dancing partner, and that man, Walter Karling, brought the tape to The New York Times.
  • In an interview on Thursday, Hlava said through a translator _ David Melichar, who with Karling now describes himself as Hlava's agent _ that the language barrier had much to do with why no one beyond his family and friends had seen the tape.
  • The studies within this area, in addition to the original articles published in peer reviewed scientific international journals also resulted in the doctoral dissertation " The Emotional Motor System and Gastrointestinal Symptoms ", by Pontus Karling with Karl-Fredrik Norrback as his co-tutor.
  • Karling points to the lack of Christian or religious symbolism in the work and to the fox's tail wrapped on top the knight's lance  in Greek legend the fox's tail was a symbol of greed, cunning and treachery, as well as lust and whoring.
  • In addition, Shprintzen recommends that a narrower flap be used with pronounced lateral pharyngeal wall movement, while a wider flap should be used with limited lateral pharyngeal wall movement ( Sloan, 2000 ) Use of a narrow flap in individuals with limited preoperative lateral pharyngeal wall movement has the potential to increase lateral pharyngeal wall movement postoperatively ( Karling " et al . ", 1999 ).
  • In between Yankovic projects, Schwartz continues to play with other L . A .-area artists and bands and has worked with Rip Masters, Jim Silvers, Karling Abbeygate, Idle Hands, Ray Campi, Raymond and Scum, ApologetiX ( specifically the album " Biblical Graffiti ", where he played drums on seven of the tracks ), Lousy Little Gods, Brian Sisson, and The Zero G Band.
  • Mollet states that Henri IV commissioned him to lay out the terraces at the new ch�teau of Saint Germain-en-Laye in 1595 and thereafter at Ch�teau de Fontainebleau, and at Montceaux-en-Brie as well as at the Tuileries, where he was in charge throughout his active career ( Karling, p . 7 ) and where the central garden axis that he remade after depredations by soldiers in 1593 has been extended far to the west, as the " axe historique " of Paris.
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