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English-Hindi > katayama

katayama meaning in Hindi

katayama sentence in Hindi
1.There was particularly strong fighting in the Chernorechye and Katayama districts,

2.Shingo Katayama shot a 69 and finished third at 273 total.

3.Katayama's sharpshooting gave him a total of 17 points.

4.Katayama said it is valued at about $ 813, 000.

5.Katayama said, " very, very lucky ."

6.1825; 1310 _ Shingo Katayama, Fred Funk, Colin Montgomerie

7.But Katayama warned not to underestimate the impact of rural earthquakes.

8.This obviously led Katayama to have problems with the corporate management.

9.Ukyo Katayama's Tyrrell was also damaged in the accident.

10.Test driver Gabriele Tarquini stood in for Katayama at the Estoril.

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