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English-Hindi > kayak

kayak meaning in Hindi

kayak sentence in Hindi
1.There was a gubernatorial candidate in Maine who campaigned by kayak.

2.This means you can sail, canoe or kayak on it.

3.*Craig Denton, Avondale Estates, men's kayak.

4.That total, however, included everything from yachts to kayaks.

5.We had big problems trying to get back into the kayak,

6.Kayaks, sailboats and powerboats make up most of the remainder.

7.They will risk rolling ( their kayaks ) and wet exits.

8.As more Colorado athletes jump into kayaks, casualties are mounting.

9.Its roto-molded plastic hull looks like a reshaped kayak.

10.A moment later he felt his kayak scrape a submerged rock.

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a small canoe consisting of a light frame made watertight with animal skins; used by Eskimos

travel in a small canoe; "we kayaked down the river"

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