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English-Hindi > keel over

keel over meaning in Hindi

keel over sentence in Hindi
keel    जहाज नाव पेंदा
over    बहुतायत शेष
1."I'm disappointed I couldn't finish, but I didn't want to keel over,"

2.No more studying videotape until he keels over from lack of sleep.

3.He keels over, dropping the injector and shattering the only glass cartridge.

4.One blast of a car's horn and the goat would keel over.

5.Tensions escalate, a knife is pulled and Platt dramatically keels over dead.

6.It's ready to keel over with the dead weight of factoidal obesity.

7.He looks like he's going to keel over into his mother's penne pasta.

8.No rush as I'm about to keel over for the night.

9.But my wife says I'll never quit until I keel over.

10."If I keel over, just put me under right here, " he said.

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turn over and fall; "the man had a heart attack and keeled over"

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