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English-Hindi > keeled

keeled meaning in Hindi

keeled sentence in Hindi
1.My father is centered, even-keeled, dependably regular.

2.And a sturdy, even-keeled ship it has been.

3.He plays like I used to play, very even keeled.

4.Rarely has the even-keeled Fulmer sounded so wound up.

5.Everyone on this team is so responsible and even-keeled.

6.It's keeled over and separated entirely from the rest.

7.It is also said that he keeled over while shoveling snow.

8.In females dorsal scales of the tail smooth or faintly keeled.

9.The dorsal scales are smooth or weakly keeled with apical pits.

10.Dorsally, it is covered with small, irregular keeled scales.

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having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship; "a carinate sepal"
Synonyms: ridged, carinate, carinated,

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