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English-Hindi > keelhaul

keelhaul meaning in Hindi

keelhaul sentence in Hindi
1.Later, they decide to keelhaul Lindemann, still singing.

2.As part of Operation Keelhaul, the British returned Cossack prisoners of war to Russia.

3.Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called the Operation Keelhaul " the last secret " of the Second World War.

4.Festivals and tours followed, including Europe with Keelhaul, and Russia for the first time.

5.Forming in 1999, Sofa King Killer was part of the Akron and Cleveland Keelhaul, Rebreather ], and Rue.

6.Heren i was one of the officials responsible for organizing the surrender of Croatian troops to the British as part of Operation Keelhaul.

7.Suspending Keelhaul Pete over the alligator in their place, Goofy, Max, Pete, and PJ return to their fishing trip.

8.Most of the people in the column were turned over to the Yugoslav government as part of what is sometimes referred to as Operation Keelhaul.

9.Concerned with the safety of their neighbors, Goofy and Max infiltrate the pirate ship, climaxing with another run-in with Keelhaul Pete.

10.Max then realizes that the person they assumed to be Pete is actually the real Keelhaul Pete, having returned after the whale spat him out.

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