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English-Hindi > ketch

ketch meaning in Hindi

ketch sentence in Hindi
1.The ketch however offers advantages in sail handling in poor weather.

2.By 1752, seventy-five people lived in Ketch Harbour.

3.Ketch has murdered the hosts of numerous riders for their powers.

4.Mitchinson sailed into the province aboard his 36-foot ketch.

5.McKenzie cleared for action and returned fire when the ketch attacked.

6.We pass within waving distance the ketch " Figaro ."

7.You can take a sailing lesson on the Concordia ketch, Renaissance.

8.Dey might apt to ketch you in de'lie.

9.The walls are lined with paintings and sketches of schooners and ketches.

10.The execution was said to have been conducted quite poorly by Ketch.

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a sailing vessel with two masts; the mizzen is forward of the rudderpost

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