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killjoy sentence in Hindi

"killjoy" meaning in Hindikilljoy in a sentence
  • Call me a killjoy, but I'm not alone.
  • Choi's initials definitely don't stand for KillJoy.
  • With Party Poison dead, the remaining Killjoys continue their escape.
  • So far, however, the killjoys are not winning.
  • Maybe those evolutionary biologists aren't such dismal killjoys after all.
  • "Killjoy " by Julie Garwood ( Ballantine)
  • His best known roles include Scotty Wandell on the Killjoys ".
  • Then Killjoy comes out and knocks Jamal and Monique out.
  • Tuesday, is something of a killjoy on the topic of time machines.
  • And a killjoy recession could come any day now.
  • Only the most warped killjoy would expect an encore.
  • One doesn't want to be a killjoy.
  • It wasn't me, I'm not such a killjoy.
  • But instead of disappearing, Killjoy transforms into Michael.
  • :OMG Tony you're such a killjoy.
  • The killjoy Parimala has a twin sister : Shyamala.
  • The Suns don't mean to be killjoys, but . . ..
  • Griffey was a little more peeved about Assenmacher's brief, killjoy appearance.
  • Some killjoys may say, " Let Jackie rest in peace ."
  • So does he feel like a bit of a killjoy in disillusioning marathoners everywhere?
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