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kilning meaning in Hindi

kilning sentence in Hindi
1.Within these categories is a variety of types distinguished largely by the kilning temperature ( see mash ingredients ).

2.Color and final kilning temperature are comparable to non-caramel analog malts; there is no diastatic activity.

3.Yields of retorting are considerably higher than those of kilning, and may reach 35 %-40 %.

4.The Dutch bricks should have a 10-days kilning, the texture is solid and compact, and its color is red.

5.During World War II there was a coal shortage, requiring the kilning of the barley to use more peat to fuel the fires.

6.Kilning takes place at temperatures five to ten �C lower than for British pale malt, but for longer periods; diastatic power is comparable to that of British pale malt.

7.The lower-temperature moistened kilning causes conversion and mashing to take place in the oven, resulting in a grain's starches becoming mostly or entirely converted to sugar before darkening.

8.In particular Sedlmayr's friend Anton Dreher adopted new kilning techniques that enabled the use of lighter malts to improve the Viennese beer in 1840 1841, creating a rich amber-red coloured Vienna-style lager.

9.During the last few hours of kilning the air on temperature is raised to above 80 �C ( the "'curing stage "') to break DMS to reduce the DMS potential of the malt.

10.When kilning is complete, the grains are now termed malt, and they will be milled or crushed to break apart the kernels and expose the cotyledon, which contains the majority of the carbohydrates and sugars; this makes it easier to extract the sugars during mashing.

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